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Phone (386.258.4674)

Mr. Tucker Harris (Principal)

ext. 54618

Mr. Dhand Presley (Asst. Principal)

ext. 54700

Ms. Stinamay LaGrotta (Asst. Principal)

ext. 54620

Mrs. Tikija Picott (Asst. Principal)

ext. 54610

Mrs. Jackie Bynum (Asst. Principal)

ext. 54624

Mr. Mark Kraft (TEACHER ON ASSIGNMENT- Student Resources)

ext. 75149





Cynthia Les Director (A-F)

Ext. 54644

Debra Tully (G-O)

Ext. 54641

Terri Anderson (P-Z)

Ext. 54643

Chrissy Villafane (AICE, AVID and ESOL)

Ext. 54640

Gwen Coy (College and Career Counselor)

Ext. 54689

Felicia Franklin (Registrar)

Ext. 54642

Evelyn Navarro (Administrative Clerk)

Ext. 54606


Faculty- Please check back soon to view each teacher's welcome message.
Name Email  
Abramski, Carolyn  
Alexander, Lisa
Beebe, Cynthia  
Benoit, Clifton
Bolt, Alyssa
Bratek, Emily
Brown, Pat
Bynum, Rachel
Campanella, Jen (website issues)  
Colby, Christine
Carrig Cynthia     
Carrig, David              
Clark Christopher      
Coppa, John  
Coy, Gwendolyn  
Craig-Craggy, Tarisa  
Cravotta, Carly
Cunningham, Patrick
Danese, Marjorie  
Demke, Erica
Dunn, Bruce
Eddy, David  
Emerson, Vanessa  
Eitzen, Greta
Feliciano-Perez, Mirthia  
Finley, Denise  
Flickinger, Cory
Foley, Jack
Freidus, Elias
Gaines, Dodi
Garcia, Alex
Goldstone, Aaron  
Grabowski, Jody
Green, George
Green, Kimberly
Griffith, Kimberly
Grimard, Raymond  
Havens, Yvette
Hernandez, Robert  
Herron, Jessica
Hilsenbeck, Angela
Hood, Julia
Huckaby, Todd  
Jackson, Michael       
Kepner, Karen  
Lemon, Jeff
Lemon, Kelley
Les, Cynthia
Lilley, Susan  
Marheine, Melisse
McLoughlin, Anthony  
Meyers-Sinett, Jenna
Mollo, Jen
Monaghan, Patrick  
Montgomery, Brad
Norvell, Tanner
Nunnelly, John
Offenberg, Hannah
Palau, Christina
Paul, Kimberly
Paul, Leah  
Perkins, Kristen
Phillips, J.J  
Price, Kasondra  
Rivers, John
Rudolph, Carolyn  
Sanders, Kimberly     
Savary, Janet (Activities Director)
Schaack, Paula (grades/data)
Seering, Tiffany (Waters)
Severson. Alycia  
Shuler, Paul  
Silva, Diana
Stidham, Bianca  
Stone, Marilyn
Taylor, Ashley            
Taylor, Brad  
Tyner, Tory  
Urquhart, Pat  
Vanderoef, Jill
Waligroski, Tracy
Webb, Elissa
Weinrich, Chris  
Wells, Scott  
Wilhelm, Tonya  
Zaniewski, Jennifer  

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