One to One

One to One Technology Laptops

Volusia County School District’s vision is to ensure that all students receive a superior 21st century education. The district’s first major step in that process is to provide all students with a personal electronic device. Technology within education should have one basic goal: to enhance and positively support the learning environment. Increasing access to technology is essential for our students' future. Please read the district’s Technical Guide for more information about the 1 to 1 technology program.

1:1 technology will be in full implementation for the 22-23 school year.  ALL students will need to participate in the 1:1 Digital Learning Movement. Teachers will be expecting students to have their device in class daily and they will be necessary for many activities in class and homework outside of school. Students will use this device for everything, including state mandated tests like the EOC and FSA. Students can receive their school laptop during their scheduled back to school session with their new student ID and acknowledgement form. The 1:1 acknowledgement form will need to be filled out with parent or guardian driver’s license and parent/guardian signature.  Forms can be accessed below or in media center.

Students will be able to check out a device annually once their parent/guardian has completed the Device Check-Out and Acknowledgement Form. Devices will be checked out and returned in the media center using the same process we use for textbooks. There will be specific deployment dates at the beginning of each school year. Students that are having issues with their device can stop by the Media Center for assistance. Students will be required to return their device before unenrolling or transferring to another school in the district.  

Beginning Mon, Aug 1, students can check out a school laptop and during their scheduled Back to School Orientation session in the media center.

To receive student laptop:

Please use the Acknowledgement form below to be eligible. If students choose NOT to accept a school laptop, please check the Opt-Out section on the Acknowledgement form and return to the media center.

* Print a NEW form for 2022-2023 and fill out/ Parent signature required along with parent driver’s license. Please bring to the media center along with your NEW 2022-2023 Student ID to receive a laptop.

BYOT Devices: If you choose to use your own laptop (a NON_VCS device) please follow the directions below:

1. Go to
2. Under Digital Resource Support, open the SchoolCity drop-down and open the link that is relevant to your technology

*Note the MAC download is a ZIP file. You must download, then extract the files (unzip) to setup the application


1:1 Laptop FAQ's

Here are FAQ's that may be useful in the Technology Checkout process.

What is needed to pick up my device?

To receive a device, students and parents must print and complete the VCS Device Check-Out & Acknowledgement Form* where you sign that you understand that:

  • This device is not your property, but the sole property of the Volusia County School District and that VCS has the right, at its sole discretion, to retrieve this device from you at any time, with or without cause and with or without prior notice to me.
  • The intended sole use of the device is for educational purposes, only. All use of the device must abide by the Volusia County School District Acceptable Use Policy and is subject to Volusia County School Board Policy 518 (I,II).
  • If the technology device is damaged or not working properly:
    • You must report it to your teacher within 24 hours
    • A collaborative investigation of the incident that resulted in the damage will be conducted
    • The repair/replacement of the technology device and/or any accessory may be at your own expense
  • If the device is stolen:
    • You must file a police report within 24 hours
    • Provide a hard copy of the police report to the school within 24 hours of filing the police report.
  • You must return the device to school upon request for check-in or return

*Note that the form does request a driver's license number. This can also be a state ID number, passport number, green card number or any form of identification. Just indicate what type of ID it is on the form.


Are there any videos to help with VPortal Student Orientation?

Volusia County Schools VPortal Student Orientation is a series of 7 videos intended to support students in their VPortal experiences. VPortal will serve as the portal into their digital environment. It is imperative for students to know how to personalize and leverage their digital environment for optimal results.

Link to VPortal Student Orientation Playlist - (Links to an external site.) 


If your student is using a NON-VCS device (ex: bringing your own from home)

Click here

  • Click on the SCHOOL CITY LINK under the Digital Resource Support
  • Click on the LINK provided to download the Respondus Browser


What if my laptop is damaged?

Students are responsible for any damage or the loss of their laptop just like they are for their textbooks. Laptops may be examined periodically for damage and fees may be issued if damage is found beyond normal wear and tear. The district’s set fees for damages are as follows:

Tier 1 – Mild ($50) – missing/broken charger, broken hinges
Tier 2 – Moderate ($125) – broken palm rest, broken keyboard, broken base enclosure
Tier 3 – High ($225) – cracked screen
Tier 4 – Complete Replacement ($500) Lost/Stolen (No Police Report)/Water Damage

What if I do not have reliable internet access available at home, is there any assistance available?

Yes, the District is providing hotspots to eligible students. Visit the media center to see Ms Danese for more information. Students must qualify for the National School Lunch program (application).


What are the specs on the student device?

The laptops currently being distributed are Dell Latitude 3190 2-in-1s. They have a sealed, spill-resistant keyboard, plus a rubberized base for improved durability. A touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass provides some scratch resistance. It is built to handle minor bumps and drops from lockers, lunchrooms, backpacks, and buses, although we recommend all students keep their device in a laptop sleeve or sleeve in their backpack. The screen can be folded back to turn the device into a tablet, making creation and collaboration easier. The touchscreen works well with a stylus or your finger. It has a long battery life that should last the entire school day.


What if a student or parent does not want the student to check out a device?

The student devices are a valuable learning tool. All students will receive a laptop for the 2022-2023 school year and are expected to fully participate in the 1:1 Digital Learning Movement. Teachers will expect students to have their fully charged device in class daily and they will be necessary for many activities in class and homework outside of school. Students will use this device for everything, including state mandated tests like the EOC and FSA. Students wishing to use a personal device must make note of that on the 1:1 Acknowlegement Form.

We completely understand that some parents have concerns about the cost of a device, but the laptops that have been purchased are high quality and very durable for normal use. Over the course of 4 years in high school, students typically have more than $500 worth of textbooks and course materials checked out to them. This laptop will replace many of those materials, so the cost of the materials checked out to your student will actually decrease. The laptop must be logged in with a VCS ID and it is etched with the VCS information, so it is of little value to steal, and cannot be reimaged or resold. Students will not be charged for normal wear and tear and if the laptop is stolen, you must provide a police report.

Here is a helpful guide to Buying Your Own Technology-  BYOT Buying Guide


Can I personalize my device?

Students are to not personalize any device with stickers, markers, tape, or paint.


Can I use my own device?

Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, all students will be required to check out a device. Students who wish to use their own device instead of a district issued device must make note on the 1:1 Acknowledegement letter. Students who must take the FSA or an EOC this year will continue to use a school laptop. We encourage you to use your personal laptop at home for the things you do that are not school related and use your school issued laptop for schoolwork. 


Do I have to bring my device everyday?

Students must bring their charged device to all classes, every day unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher. 


What if I forget to bring my device?

Students are expected to bring their fully charged devices to school every day. A limited number of devices may be available for checkout for the day, but in most cases, students will be making up work outside of school if they are unprepared to complete work in class.


What if I forget to charge my device?

We ask that devices be charged at home. A limited number of power outlets will be available in some classrooms and spaces like the media center and will not be able to ensure you can charge your laptop on campus. The expectation is that students arrive on campus with fully charged devices and be prepared for class.


How will access to inappropriate websites be prevented?

Internet access is filtered on campus. When the devices are used off campus, the student’s school profile continues to monitor access and provide some filtering and students can face disciplinary action for inappropriate use or access, but there is no substitute for parental supervision when using a device to access the Internet off campus. We recommend parents have students keep laptops in a common area and not in their rooms at night for charging. 


Can I use my device for things not related to school?

Students may use the device for personal browsing and tasks, but it is expected that the use of the supplied device will be primarily used for school related work and that the laptop is not used for anything inappropriate. A student login is required to access the device, and usage on a students profile will be monitored even when off campus.


Can I load software on the device?

Students have access to Software Center which provides the ability to add district pre-approved applications on a limited basis.


What if I have more questions?

You can reach out to Ms. Danese in the media center with more questions at If students have an issue with a device, they should come to the media center for help. For any software questions that are class specific they should speak to that teacher directly.