FLVS (Florida Virtual School)

Courses are delivered over the Internet. To assure student success with virtual learning, a variety of web-based, technology-based and traditional resources are provided. Teachers communicate with students and parents on a regular basis via phone, email, online chats, instant messaging, and discussion forums.

Learn more about Florida Virtual School or visit their website at www.flvs.net

Volusia Virtual School

We offer students both virtual and blended learning environments that:

  • give students freedom to learn in their own time, in their own space;
  • provide flexibility and immediate feedback;
  • customize courses for an individualized learning path;
  • contribute to the development of time management, self-discipline, and problem-solving;
  • prepare students for end-of-course exams, FCAT, Advanced Placement exams, SAT, ACT, and online graduation requirement; and,
  • provide instruction with highly qualified Volusia County teachers who are certified by the State of Florida.

Learn more at http://volusiaonlinelearning.com/site/

Dual Enrollment

More information on Dual Enrollment is coming soon